Kate Hofman is a name that will always stick in my head with stories that truly delight. She is an artist with all her writings, just like a painter working on a beautiful masterpiece, so are the writings of Ms. Hofman. I have read her stories and they all grab. http://katehofman.com/index.php

In A Hidden Agenda, ‘Benedict Alessandrini is a psychiatrist, whose very new wife, Lily, has been viciously assaulted by a deranged stalker. The trauma causes Lily to suffer temporary amnesia.
While she is struggling to remember, Benedict’s mother, who feels an irrational hatred toward Lily, accuses her, saying the stalker was an obsessive lover, who conveniently died in the attack.’

The dialogue is wonderful in this page-turner and the characters vibrant. A Hidden Agenda has all the ingredients to make this extraordinary story one that kept this reader glued. Wonderfully mastered, along with bold and artistic characters, and a vindictive mother that this reader will not forget, this story is awesome.

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