Who would have thought a story with so many different animals would be such an impressive read, but Jacquie Rogers has composed a read in Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues that I will never forget. I even adore her website: http://www.jacquierogers.com/
Socrates the Mule steals the show in this romping good read and brings along love to a well deserved couple.
I enjoyed the way Socrates narrates Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues. Socrates lends great humor to the tale. The dialogue and antics are fantastic. I love the sparkling characters and the chemistry they emit to each other. Jacquie Rogers takes Socrates and Guinevere, the skunk, along with some other frisky animals, and sets in motion one awesome read. The games alone are interesting and entertaining. With some laugh out loud antics, the secondary characters put an extra spin on the story, making the couple really shine in this extraordinary tale with splendid characterizations allowing this reader to feel great inside.

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