The one story that I recall from Ann Macela, is Windswept, it is a story well worth the read… This engaging story has a way of wrapping itself around the reader and holding tight through every page. I love how “Windswept” keeps the reader spellbound!

A terrible secret lurks in the papers of the Windswept Plantation and its revelation will ruin the Jamison name, or so family memories claim. To Barrett Browning, however, the collection of correspondence, ledgers, and journals is a treasure trove of potential publications sure to gain her a valuable promotion at her university. As a historian, her job is to root out secrets from the past and hold them up to the light, no matter the cost. The farthest thing from her mind is getting involved with the papers’ owner—much less falling in love with him.
To venture capitalist Davis Jamison, the pile of boxes is a headache he must deal with to protect the family. What better way to solve the mystery than to have an expert inventory the papers in his own house? He expects neither his cousin’s frantic obsession to keep all family sins hidden from view, nor the fierce need he comes to feel for Barrett. He’s sworn never again to trust a woman with his property or his heart. Can he rely on Barrett to guard both?
A secret will out, however, and it’s found in the journal of the first Jamison plantation mistress. Hiding the truth brings Barrett to a difficult choice: success with her career or a life with Davis. Revealing the truth brings Davis to an equally hard decision: ruin the family reputation or risk all to have Barrett forever.
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