I love Mary Eason and her books but the one that really comes to mind of late is, Thirty Lessons.

‘Life is just a series of events with consequences. On their own they wouldn’t add up to much, but when you put them all together you never know where they’ll end up taking you, or what the outcome will be once you’re there.
The last thing Paige Wilder is looking for at thirty-eight is another bad-ending relationship. Paige believes she has it all—good friends, a challenging career in publishing and the perfect little companion named Sammy.
Jude Martin has made some promises to himself. He will never return to New York City, never work for his father and never, under any circumstances, will he fall in love again. So why is he here, in New York, running his father’s publishing house and trying to convince a woman who is just as determined as he to give him a second chance?’

Be sure to check out her website and catch all the great releases that make the heart glow in a Mary Eason book, http://www.maryeason.com/main.html

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