You can be sure to get your happily-ever-after story if you read a book by Cindy Spencer Pape. Her, Always a Cowboy is a page-turner.

‘Trip, the youngest Hall brother had a nice career going in Los Angeles until a car-crash gone wrong destroyed his future as a stuntman. Now he’s back in Shirley learning how to walk again and learning to be a single dad to baby Trevor. He doesn’t have time in his life for a woman, especially one with a three-year-old daughter. Beth learned her lesson back in high school about Trip’s playboy ways, and she knows better than to give her heart to him again. But when a stalker targets Beth and her daughter, will Trip be able to save them in time? When old friends reunite, danger threatens and sparks fly.’

Always a Cowboy is a splendid read. I like the premise with Trip and Beth, meeting again years later, both carrying their own silent scars. The way the story opens up, I was immediately drawn into the lives of the couple. I love the addition of the children into the story. Cindy Spencer Pape is a talented author with a prose for penning excellent work, and impressive characters and dialogue.

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