Who cannot help but love a man with a golden retriever, especially if that man is handsome and has a heart of gold?

Dianna Greco spins a moving story, even enlisting the ever loving mother who likes to step on the toes making the daughter a bit uncomfortable, something many can relate. In the Hands of Grace is an interesting read that allows the reader to connect with the characters in many ways. It is a story of love; friendship, and sharing faith making one feel as if they are going home.

In the Hands of Grace tells the story of Susan Appleton, a woman who married well, lived the life of plenty, and lost most of it when her husband was killed in a car accident. She managed to walk away from the lap of luxury and her husband’s greedy family with some insurance money, a summer house on eastern Long Island and her well paying, highly stressful job as an assistant gem broker in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Then, she gets fired. Once again she is forced to cope with a sudden, unwelcome change.

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