All I can say is, if you have yet to read a book by Jo Barrett, what are you waiting for? Love On a Wire, That Wyoming Wind, and Letters From Home are three dynamite reads. There are many others. Just check her website. There is a list of superb books that leave a lasting impression, especially Letters From Home. Reading about the soldiers, in uniform, and the wide-range of emotions that dance among the characters, is enough to prick at the heart.

‘Phoebe Honeycutt, Aunt Bee to half the neighborhood kids, is faced with the uncomfortable task of having to inform someone of a loved one’s passing. But she made a promise to her friend, and refuses to break it. Surprisingly, and much to her delight, Specialist John Caldwell, now serving overseas, writes back and they begin a regular exchange of letters that stirs something deep inside her. Something she tries to ignore, time and again. The only problem is, John thinks she’s an old lady!’ Yes, that is Letters From Home, an extraordinary read that will please any age.

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