Linda Wisdom knows how to tell a story that delights and entertains. Anyone who has read any one of her books has shared in some grand moments once the characters come alive. Wicked by Any Other Name is only one example that thrills. The way Trevor takes her breath away, and Stasi is flabbergasted over the events, left me spell-struck myself. I love where Stasi gets the hiccups quite a few times. I could visualize the moments. The chemistry between Stasi and Trevor, not to mention the way their love blossoms so beautifully, prompts right into the reader’s heart. Linda Wisdom weaves a laugh-out-loud spontaneity of hilarious moments between two unforgettable characters. Be sure to check her books on her myspace,

‘Lingerie shop owner Stasi knew she shouldn’t put a repulsion spell in the sachet she sold to Carrie, even if she is the meanest man user in town. She expected Carrie to be mad, but a lawsuit in Wizard’s Court? Her lawyer, Trevor Barnes, can try to get a settlement, but she intends to fight the suit—although she didn’t plan on having to counter the way Trevor makes her tingle. Wisdom continues her series (50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, 2008; Hex Appeal, 2008) with new focal characters but the same wicked witchery; oddball, otherworldly supporting cast; and steamy relationships.’ Yes, Wicked By Any Other Name will put a smile on the face.

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