Warlock's Pawn

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A fantasy desert world where kingdoms war over water and power seemed the perfect place for the ultimate bad boy hero. As leader of the Helicon Empire, Duncan has no qualms over coating the sands in blood, laying siege to an oasis city, and solidifying his right to rule with a political marriage. What he never expected was to fall in love.

Giveaway: I’m giving away a copy this book as part of the event (and if you already have it, you can pick from my backlist). All you need to do is leave a comment answering this question: Who is the fey princess who saves this Warlock? (Hint: The answer is in the excerpt.)

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And now for a sneak peek…

The gaze fixed on his had a depth Anora’s lacked, a kindness that threatened to change his opinion of her kind. These were eyes he could trust. These were eyes of a being who could never kill.

So he surrendered to this fey’s power and allowed the alien warmth to heal his wounds. He accepted her white magic into his inner core and felt it strengthen the few threads of light that held him to this world. The princess’ poison was lethal, her torture agonizing, and what the two did not finish, the fall down the ravine should have done. Yet he grew more alive with each second, his very life force feeding off another’s, the act forging an intimate bond he would rather reject.

Sensing safety behind the layered mind, he drew in what he needed to reach full strength, taking rather than waiting to receive her gift. The moment he did, their bodies plummeted at breakneck speed into the abyss.

“You have the gift of flight,” he observed with well-hidden amazement as they continued to fall. He only now realized he was still rocketing down the gorge, his progress hindered by this fey’s invisible wings. What had seemed like an eternity were mere seconds in the physical world.

The slender arms that circled his waist tightened as lines of strain formed on the corners of those slightly up-tilted eyes. “My wings will fail if you do not stop,” she warned, distress evident in her voice.

Left without a choice, he relinquished control, allowing a stranger to have power over his fate. Their fall immediately slowed as if a sail had spread to allow them to coast the winds. With the complex interchange of power between them, he gained enough access to the fey’s mind to glean her name. “Why did you save me, Alia?”

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