Sutton Fox carries the readers into some action in this awesome read, Lion Tamers, Traveling Circus, Book One. The story is so incredible; you will not be able to stop at Book One. The others that follow: Center Ring, High Wire, and Trick Riders will be a must read, with courage characters and a premise that will keep the reader glued.

Both of them are driven. Only one can win.

Sprint car driver Morgan Blade will do whatever it takes to save her critically ill father. If it means joining the cast of a reality show, so be it. She’ll do anything…except reveal the haunting secret surrounding her daughter’s death.

Tyler Dalton makes a living exposing secrets. He’s been forced into producing the new racing reality show, and his bosses expect another hit. The lone female contestant kicks things off with a bang, capturing the hearts of viewers in record time. All they need now is a little controversy to push ratings over the top.

He looks to Morgan for something he can use, only to find a woman committed to her family and every bit as driven as he is. The more he learns about her, the more he likes her, and that spells disaster for the show.
For these two souls, love is a collision course and there’s no turning back.

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