I have to admit that I love print books most. As I said, I have hundreds. They’re in my bedroom on bookshelves, in the closet, under the bed, in the kitchen on bookshelves, in closets throughout the house, under the couches…okay, you get the picture. I always have a highlighter in hand too. Maybe it’s some mild form of defacing property, who knows? It’s my property, so no biggie. I get a kick out of highlighting things in books. You won’t find a single book of mine that doesn’t have highlighting in it. I like perusing the various titles I have, sliding it from the shelf, and opening to any page I want. With e-books, I have to download it and navigate to the page I want–that’s if my computer isn’t being slow that day. I always lose my place too. I can’t stick post-its in e-books either. And…a print books seems so much more real. I can’t wait to hold my own book in my hands. I think it will hit me then. “Wow…I’m really an author!” The Internet is sort of this surreal world that even Salvador Dali couldn’t have dreamed up.

What I do enjoy about e-books is as an author my books are out faster than with a traditional publisher. I heard that Harlequin takes 18 months to 3 years to get books out. Yipes! I can’t even begin to imagine how many e-books I’d have out in that amount of time!

So…as a reader I enjoy print books. As an author, e-books.

Besides, the computer is my work place. I like taking a break from work and getting off the computer.

I was telling my kids the other day that I don’t even want to know what life for my grand kids will be like. I mean, when we were younger we didn’t have the Internet and certainly not Myspace! Now, that’s the main focus of kids’ lives! Every single kid that comes over to my house checks their Myspace to see if anyone left a message or comment in the last three minutes. I remember when most people didn’t have cell phones! If you were stuck on the freeway you went to a call box. How’s that for “back in the old days”? lol So, in some ways kids are reaching out and talking to people all over the world and yet I see them becoming more reclusive in some ways and incredibly ego-driven. “Comment my new pics!” Or, the ever popular, “Wow! That guy is hot!” Sigh…I’m hoping it’s a phase they’re going through and would hate to think this is simply the way things will be for everyone in the future. I can see parents telling their kids, “Sorry, I can’t play catch with you today, son, I gotta check Myspace.”

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