Now I would like to talk about what books I love and why. I usually have to have some steamy scenes in a book to read them. Prejudice of me , I know. That is what I like so I just deal with it. Every once in a while I will find a book that just blows my socks off. Some of my favorite authors are Sherrilyn Kenyon, Emma Holly, Kate Douglas, Keri Arthur, Linda Howard, and Karen Robards just to name a few. I have many more authors that I love. Now, if I see a book by them, i will just pick it up and buy it, no matter what the backing says. There are times I may not care for the book but it won’t turn me off the author. Linda Howard’s books always have a sense of humor to go along with the mystery setting. If an author can make me laugh, I will love the books. Another is Sherrilyn Kenyon. Her imagination and creativity are out of this world. The fact that she has taken a completly different world and turned it into best sellers is awe inspiring. Now if only they would turn these into movies, I think I would die happy, LOL.

so what about you? Who are some of your favorite authors? Some favorite books maybe? Even some favorite “chick flicks”? Tell me about them.

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