I believe it can be both. Sometimes we can be born with a gift we may go our entire lives without using.  Something God kept hidden, hoping we’d find it – but of course we’re too busy living to pay attention.  And there are those talents that seem to come up from nowhere – like the person whose friends begged, or bribed, to sing karaoke (whatever) and turns out they could be the next … who do I want to compare to?????  Reba McEntire.  Yeah, her.  So I think we can hone a skill or be shocked by its existence.  That’s my opinion, and as you all know, mine is the only one that counts.  *clears throat*

Inspiration for me comes mainly from survival.  I do things because I need to – like getting up, getting dressed, trying to motivate myself to work for the day.  But there are days when the inner voices become so loud that to keep from going crazy (though some may say it’s too late) I have to do what sparks my interest.  It can be anything from going to an aqua fitness class to knitting.  Yes, knitting.  Don’t ask what I knit because I would be too embarrassed to say.  Let’s just leave it at ‘not sweaters’ and leave it at that.

Do you have anymore excerpts you want to share? Anything you want to tell us?  This is the time to shout out – so go ahead and we’ll just sit back and listen.  Thanks for being here!  You’ve been great.

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