I’ve written to entertain myself since I was but a wee lass and through my school years, I entered essay contests and such. I won several. Then adult life descended and children arrived and my writing took on a therapeutic role. I was living literally in the middle of nowhere with three children under age four and a husband who hadn’t quite left his bachelor days behind and to keep my sanity, I began writing as a means of dealing with the circumstances of my life. It was my time just for me. Then way led on to way, divorce led on to college, college led on to a teaching students with exceptional needs, and for many years, creative writing was replaced with professional writing.

Then the ah-ha moment came in the midst of career-crisis three years ago and I left a special education administrator’s career to return to the classroom part-time so I could write full-time. I know, the math doesn’t quite add up, but then, I’m not a math teacher, I’m a history and English teacher now. 

By this time, I had a completed novel – LONELY PLACES – but I didn’t know how to get it published, so I began researching. The quick version goes like this: I entered a couple of romance groups’ contests, finaled and attended the awards presentations, met some helpful people, and stumbled across information about a new e-publisher – Cobblestone Press – and the rest as they say, is history. The publishers, Sable Grey and Deanna Lee, contracted my book and it was the first historical they took. That was March 28, 2006 and my book hit the e-shelves just three months later when Cobblestone opened their cyber doors to the world. I have four books published with Cobblestone Press now.


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