Which is what I’m doing after that excerpt. I’m sure it’s good for my for my heartrate. Thanks so much for sharing, Samantha!  Sorry you had to go solo yesterday, I had a few technical difficulties, but if this is what you get up to by yourself, I may hide in the corner and just.. breathe.  Nah, Karenne would pull me out and make me breathe hard for a totally different reason.

I read your post and can’t help but see how real Byron, the hero of the story sounds.  Some authors I’ve spoken with have said that they’ve had to get stories written just so the characters will shut up.  On one hand with all of them talking up there, it could get a little overwhelming, as I’m noisy enough, but on the other, I’d never be lonely.

Do you find yourself ‘talking’ to your characters, or have them talk to you?  How do your stories start out? With the characters, or a locale, or just a small idea that grows?   I know you use your background in psychiatry to  explore the pseudo-psyches of your characters and flesh them out, but what other things from your real life have helped you make your characters realistic? 

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