I'm delighted to be here at the January Book Brew with all of you.  In fact, I'm thrilled to be able to share the news that Off Limits, my second release with Red Sage, will be released April 1, 2012. I know.  Four months seems like an awfully long time, but we have lots to talk about, so the time will fly.  Before you know it I'll be holding the Off Limits release party (watch here and the Red Sage Blog for more information).  To whet your appetite for this erotic romance (very hot), I've included a blurb and a teaser below as well as the image at the right, which is how I imagine Hank.  Isn't he dreamy?

BlurbOff Limits is an erotic romance that tells an O’Henryesque tale of a US Navy Senior Chief and the Lieutenant he falls in love with. 

For Senior Chief Hank O’Mara no woman could compare with the sea until he met Lieutenant Bethany Morton.  Only the sea could draw two passionate people of such opposite backgrounds together, and only US Navy regulations could keep them apart.  Because fraternization between Officer and enlisted is forbidden, both Beth and Hank do their utmost to resist the passion and love growing between them.  However, love proves stronger than either the sea or the USN. If they are to be together, Hank must sacrifice his career and Beth will risk the destruction of her professional dreams.

Teaser:  (Bethany is thinking about the hunky sailor she just met at a command softball game.)

"What was taking the man so long?  Weren’t women the ones who were supposed to take forever in the shower?  Forever in a shower with Hank O’Mara.  Now there’s a thought. 

Water and soap suds sluicing over all that lean, hard muscle.  Her fingertips twitched, eager for the smooth texture of taut skin.  She imagined long soaking kisses, from generous lips, and her body heated.  Nothing appealed more than the scent of soap and healthy male.  Hank’s personal spicy aroma, combined with his sleepy brown eyes and come-to-bed grin formed a powerful attraction. 

Distraction is more like it.  Beth shook her head free of the steamy vision of herself twined around O’Mara in a shower.  Don’t even imagine lapping at water droplets skidding down his chest, she told herself." 

Want more?  You can find a longer excerpt from Off Limits at my Susan Charnley website.  If that isn't enough, The Widow's Revenge (see the cover art below), my first release from Red Sage, is still available.  Everyone who comments on this blog post will be included in a drawing for a free download of The Widow's Revenge.  Questions?  Leave a comment, and I'll get back to you before the Book Brew closes today.

Cover Art for The Widow's Revenge

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