Samantha James had many childhood aspirations–being a writer was never one of them. When she was ten, she was certain she was destined to be an astronomer. Then she decided archaeology was in her future. Detective work was her next goal, and before long, nursing beckoned. She even entertained the idea of becoming a flight attendant, only to discover she did not like to fly. In the meantime, the right guy came along. Six months later, the U.S. Army shipped him off to Germany–and she wrote faithfully at least three times a week–she often jokes this was the start of her writing career! Since then after many rejections, her books have been nominated for numerous awards, and have consistently hit the bestseller lists.

Bride of a Wicked Scotsman is a scrumptious read. I love how Alec would call, Maura, Irish, or Duchess and she would call him Scotsman. There is something about his lazy demeanor, and devilish smile that just grabs the reader. The dialogue they share works like a magnet, pulling you into their delightful escapades. Their sudden moments and wily expressions are quite mesmerizing. When Alec said he would trade anything to see the glow on her face, I was in awe. Samantha James pens a delectably exhilarating romance that absolutely captivates. This extraordinary read comes highly recommended and takes the breath away.

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