One would think that living in a town nicknamed Sin City and known for its somewhat checkered past,  it would inspire many a sordid tale. The muse rarely cooperates so freely (or at least mine doesn’t, she tends to be a bit temperamental). My first published novella, Buckling Down, started off based on little more than a bar, a sassy heroine, and a bull rider for a hero-an idea that blossomed while I drove to work one morning. It was meant to be nothing more than a mere escape as I pulled myself out of the evil clutches of Mr. Writer’s Block.

Let me introduce to my mother. Say… Hi Moira’s Mom! In the past, she wasn’t a huge fan of paranormal romance. So the idea of writing a story she would enjoy, provided another source of inspiration. Granted, writing sex when I know that dear mom will be reading the book does tend to bring out the prude in me, but I managed with a little prodding from some close friends. Did I mention the research? I mean really…bull riders and rodeos? Las Vegas may play host to the National Finals Rodeo every year, but I knew very little about the rodeo when I began to write the story. Thank god for the internet, the PBR website and ESPN for broadcasting bull riding. Without those, I might have had to mug a cowboy, hog tie him, and hold him for ransom.


In truth, Buckling Down was originally meant to be a longer story. I had to trim the fat so to speak, which in turn, made the story flow better. Needless to say, ten months later, the novella was finished, contracted, endured a title change, and was on its way to revisions. It is a short period of time when you hear stories of other aspiring authors. My next story has been in the works for over a year now, so while I am proud of the fact it took me so little time to have Bucking Down reach publication, I am also humbled by that same knowledge. Buckling Down may have started out as a derailment from the paranormal story I wanted to write, yet it captured a special place in my heart and will remain there.

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