I’m here. Whew. I think.  LOL

I’ve been a bit of a problem child author, I think, but now after a few glitches, I’m here and ready to post away. This is actually my second attempt. My first post disappeared when I clicked publish! So if a first one shows up in cyber-space somewhere, forgive me! LOL

Thanks, Bonnie, for that great welcome! I’m so happy to be here blogging with you. After I read the bio you posted I said to myself, “hey maddie, it’s time to update that bio.” I suppose I should say that I was “almost” published with Triskelion. My sole book with them was to be released in July, but of course you all know the rest of that story, the publisher filed bankruptcy in June. But no fear, when I get the rights back to that book (and I’m confident I will, although I have no hard evidence to support that, just my gut) I already have another home for it.

The other update is the bigger news. I’ve signed with Resplendence Publishing and I have several releases coming up soon and a few more waiting in the wings! I LOVE being with RP! The publishers are so respectful of the authors, they really listen to use and think about our needs, AND they promote the heck out of us. It’s a win-win situation all the way around and I think I made a really good move placing my books in their very capable hands. We’ve just launched October 1 but already sales are booming and we are all so excited. We had great news this week, too, about our print books. Yay, RP!

Prior to all this I published four Precious Gems romances with Kensington and two for their Zebra Bouquet line. This was all back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I took a bit of a writing hiatus for a few years while family life and day job demanded a lot of me, but I’m back now full force and writing more than ever. I can’t wait to tell you about my books!

So, I’m going to sign of for a few to get an excerpt ready for you. I have this great series coming out from RP titled The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice. Right now it’s a trilogy but there is another character who is begging for his own book and the original characters in the first book tell me they are not finished telling their story. Go figure. The first book THE CURSE will be released in November. More coming in a few. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, Bonnie, you asked about my long bio. Heck no, I never even thought about writing as a kid or even a young adult. I sort of just morphed into it and discovered I was pretty good at it. Of course, I was always a creative person, a bit left of balanced most of the time. I like to call myself an asymmetrical kind of person. Balance is important (I’m a Libra) but I want the balance on my terms. LOL And having the gift of gab (also acquired later in life) is a plus, too. I think I just love words. LOL

I’m off to get those excerpts ready. What else would you all like to know?

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