I remember picking up my first Nora Roberts book about 8 years ago. I was scouring the library in search of something interesting. I had hit a rough patch in my life and, at the age of 29, I discovered I was not the person I thought I was. Sitting there on the bookshelf was Dance Upon the Air. It called to my heart and soul. I devoured it in a matter of hours. At that point, I became a Nora Roberts fan for life. I searched everywhere imaginable, buying her entire collection. 8 years later, I have only a few of Nora’s books missing from my bookshelves.

She writes about women who are relatable.  They could be you, your sister, your mother or your very best friend. She happened to write about the woman I wanted to become.

She has a new series she has started called The Bride Quartet. It is about 4 women who work in a wedding planning business. It is another terrific series from a devastatingly wonderful author.

Nora Roberts website

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