22071582.jpgSo you’re letting me have my way with you too?  By the sounds of your cooking, we could have a great time.  I love to cook too – only problem is, I eat more than I cook.  I think I have just enough for my husband to munch on after I’m done cooking it.  He always asks why I’m feeding the cat (of course I’m lying) half the dinner before he gets it.  I just simply say, “Because the cat still purrs when I pet him”.  That usually gets a grunt, and then he shuts up.

Older than dirt, are you?  I must be older than mud, then.  I bet we could swap a few ‘I walked a mile in the snow’ stories!  But then again we’re here to talk about your writing.  Tell me about your book – Teddi Turns On.  What’s it about?  Where did you get your inspiration for it?

I can’t write worth crap.  The only thing I was good at writing was late notes for my kids.  Even then I’m sure the teachers took them and corrected them.  Thank goodness my children have great education or they’d never forgive me.  And my husband… well, he can read the newspaper and subtitles on his kung fool movies.

Thanks for joining me, Sloane — I look forward to hearing more about you and your book.  Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s keep brewing!


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