Catastrophe by Deirdre O’Dare from Amber Quill Press ISBN: 978-1-61124-601-8  Buy link:



Although veterinary technician Carlton is violently allergic to cats, he loves them with an undying passion, enough to tolerate miserable symptoms to keep working with the felines in the San Maribal Zoo. The cheetahs especially fascinate him. Then he meets a mysterious stranger who is evasive about why he’s in the zoo—nude and after hours! This man tells Carl there’s a cat inside him wanting to get out. That sounds really crazy and the suggested way to make it happen even crazier—but exciting.

Zyl is a member of the ancient shifter tribe or Were-Kind. His people are working to enforce humane treatment of animals and save endangered species. Hearing of a planned raid by an extreme animal rights group to free the denizens of zoos, they realize this will a real catastrophe. Joining forces with regular humans to avert the problem will mean “coming out” as the powerful beings they are. Again, a potential disaster.  Attracted against his better judgment, Zyl teams up with the cat lover he met under awkward circumstances only to discover a  valuable ally and a soul mate.


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