Greetings from Kansas where the wind is still blowing.  But we at least had two nice days in row.  Which is something, considering that lately we get 70 days followed by 40 ones.  Then you have no clue what to wear. 

Thanks to Bonnie for asking me to come visit.  Most of you may know me, since I’m around the loops a lot.  I write historicals, Wetern, Regency and Victorian, romantic suspense.  You can check out all my books at

What else can I say about myself…  hum… I’m part of Destination Romance with authors Buffi BeCraft-Woodall and Dani Harper.  You can check us out at  We have a forum here at Coffee Time, too. 

Of course I’m an avid reader.  I’ll tell you about my adventures at RT later.  I’m also a big dog person.  I have 4 dogs, three very active papillons and one tiny, happy-go-lucky Yorkie.   My dogs go visit at the nursing home.  I’ll tell you about that later, too. 


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