Who here has a cell phone?  Please raise your hand.  Okay, put them down.  Wow.  Lots of people.  Now, how many of you use them while driving?  SLAP!  I have to say that seeing someone drive while on the phone is the most aggravating thing.  Can you not wait until you get home to catch up on the latest gossip or talk to your mate?  I waited five minutes at a stoplight the other day while the light was GREEN because some nimrod was ahead of me on the phone, and didn’t notice the light change.  I yelled, screamed, and pounded the steering wheel, but funny he didn’t hear me.  Why didn’t I blow the horn, you ask?  Because the $%#@ thing is broken!  You want road rage?  Just make me wait while you chat with your boyfriend/girlfriend!

Do I think they should be banned from cars period?  No.  Do I think there are times when you need to make a phone call?  Yes.  Do I think you should be allowed to do it while driving?  HELL NO.  If you happen to need to make a call, pull over to the side of the road and dial.  If it’s that urgent, or if you’re upset about something, do you think driving and talking on the phone is a wise thing?  What is this world coming to?  How could we have dealt with doing this back in the ‘olden’ days?  Can you imagine our parents (or grandparents for all you young folks) trying to steer the horse and wagon with a phone on our ear?  What did we do before cell phones?  Walk a mile to a payphone?  Hitchhike?  Okay, so hitchhiking is NOT a good idea, but honestly, we are such a lazy society.

How many of you will spend an hour looking for the remote for the t.v. before actually manually changing channels?  I’ve watched my husband doing it, and wondered how a man who wouldn’t exercise to save his life can spend so much time and energy pulling the couch cushions out and moving furniture just to find a remote so he won’t have to move an inch to watch his favorite show?

And kids with cell phones.  Goodness, they’re in high schools now chatting on the phone in the hallways.  Who could they be talking to?  The girl down the hall?  I can see the kids having them in case they need to get a hold of their parents, or in case of an emergency, but let’s face it.  They’re chatting with their friends and making plans for later.  When my kids were young they passed notes in class.  Now they’re calling each other.  I just have to shake my head at it all.

They do have hands-free sets.  I realize this.  But no one seems to be using them.  I heard somewhere that a person who talks on the phone while driving must be a pretty important person – to not be able to wait until they reach their destination before calling.  I must be showing my age here, but I just had to get this off my chest.

Let me know what you think.  Love to hear from you. 


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