Well with the season changing I figured this would be a good topic. What is your favorite season? For me, I love a little of it all. Even winter. Winter for me means no bugs, which I am deathly afraid of. I know I am ten times bigger than they are but it doesn’t matter. They come near me and I will scream and run the other way. I of course tried to be brave for my kids but unfortunately that only lasts so long. I even gave myself a black eye once running away from a spider. lol! Spring means the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass. Of course, this also brings about the bugs, but hey, we all can’t be perfect! Summer means softball. I love this game and every year I look forward to this. I also camp and fish as well. Fall is my favorite time of year though. There is a fresh crisp smell in the air, the leaves are changing into beautiful colors, work is slowing down a little, I start bowling, and I can read more. And I don’t want to forget about halloween. The emotion it brings is so kidlike, even to an old bird like me, LOL.

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