Okay, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I have been watching the news, reading the local papers, and aside from seeing Pittiful and Jolieless on every cover, people have been talking about whether or not to call a tree a “Christmas” tree, or a “holiday” tree.

Good LORD, people, do we not have anything else to fight about? To talk about, to take down? We’ve already taken prayer from the schools which, in my opinion, has brought the violence and guns into them – and now some idiot has come to take away the Christmas holiday? What, if not Christmas, are you celebrating on December the 25th? Are we just pulling holidays out of our asses now, or what? We’re not allowed to say “Merry Christmas”, we have to say “Happy Holiday”? WHAT HOLIDAY?? Are we going to stop Valentine’s Day because some people don’t believe in love anymore? Or will we take away Halloween because there’s no such thing as witches or goblins?

My kids are grown, out of the house, but one thing is for sure. The next time I see them, it will be at my house, eating dinner, on CHRISTMAS morning. If you don’t celebrate the holiday, that’s your business. I’m not telling you that you have to believe in Christmas if that’s not your thing. But don’t come to the rest of us and tell us to change how WE feel. We don’t come to your holidays and tell you what to call them, how to celebrate them, or anything else. Why people feel the need to constantly battle SOMETHING is beyond me. I will raise my kids to believe in Christmas, to call it Christmas, and to celebrate CHRISTMAS. It’s not just a holiday. It’s Christmas.

There, I’ve told you my side. Go ahead……let me have it. Cause I’m ready.



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