The Coffee Crew has spoken! This sweet author will bring you tears, cheers, and a deep heartfelt sigh…and then you will want to read A Soldier Comes Home again.

Cindi Myers worked as a newspaper reporter, travel agent and medical clinic manager before turning to writing full time. She’s written both historical and contemporary romance, as well as dozens of short stories and nonfiction articles. Cindi thinks writers have the best job in the world.

Ms. Myers has captured the feelings of pain, loss, and worry that any loved one feels when they send a soldier to war. This story is an outstanding tribute to the men and women who serve our country and their families. I smiled and I cried while reading this story. The emotions are strong and her characters have many conflicts to overcome in order to find happiness again. This book quickly stole my heart and captured my attention. I will be reading this book again and again. Liadan, Reviewer of A Soldier Comes Home

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