I was introduced to Joan Elizabeth Lloyd when I was searching for a good erotic book to read. Erotica books may be sexier, racier, and get your blood pumping more as well, but if they do not have a good plot, it is just plain pornography. So when I read the blurb about the novel Club Fantasy, I was again captivated and was willing to read the book to see if it was really as good as it sounds. I found the novel itself to be even better than the blurb made it out to be. Finding out that Joan had more of these unbelievably erotic tales, I had to see for myself if they were just as good. Here is just a taste of what this wonderful author has to offer:

In Club Fantasy, Jenna has agreed to make a video of her friend Chloe and Chloe’s boyfriend involved in a fantasy. The couple will pretend that Chloe is a hooker booked for the evening for a man in a motel room created by Club Fantasy. From there Jenna and Chloe embark on an adventure neither could foresee. And once they began, there was no stopping the women from making every man’s fantasy a reality. http://www.joanelloyd.com/.

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