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In January 2014, it will be my fifteenth year being a published author. Some of you may know me for my historical romances, but today I’d like to talk about my very first paranormal romance, Prodigal Son, which was just released this October.

I’m an Atlantis nerd from way back. I remember watching Patrick Duffy in The Man from Atlantis TV show back in the 70’s and being utterly hooked. (And yes, I do own the pilot episode on VHS!) I’ve also always been fascinated by psychic abilities and secret identities. In Prodigal Son, you get all three.

In the world I’ve created, many of the people of Atlantis had special abilities, and some of them escaped the destruction of the city. My hero, Rafe Montana, is descended from one of these people and has inherited the powers of a Seer. He has the ability to find anyone, anywhere—so naturally, he’s a bounty hunter.

Many Atlantis stories tend to involve the ocean. (Patrick Duffy played a man with webbed hands who could breathe under water.) I decided to set mine in the desert. A few years ago I moved from the east coast to the west. The amazing scenery of the desert, especially Arizona and Nevada, set my imagination racing. And the fact that this part of the country used to be the bottom of the ocean eons ago just made it seem the perfect setting for my Atlanteans. Below are some pictures I took on my way out here:


 desert1   desert3  desert5

Cara McGaffigan, the heroine, is an easterner who comes to Las Vegas looking for her missing stepbrother, Danny, who’s jumped bail on a grand theft auto charge. Cara’s impressions of this strange new world echo my own.

Cara and Rafe meet when they are both looking for Danny. They decide to team up to find him, and in the process discover he didn’t just steal a car; he also stole a mystical stone from ancient Atlantis, and someone wants it back—at any cost.

I hope you enjoy my take on this ancient legend. Prodigal Son is the first in a trilogy, and the second book is expected to be out sometime in 2014. You can find an excerpt on my website at:

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