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They’re a perfect match. But the true monster isn’t the beast, it’s the beauty.

Melanie: The plan is simple. Go on vacation and finally relax after five solid years of hard work. How was she supposed to know her well-meaning friends would hijack said vacation to set her up with a drool-worthy photographer — or that their setup would lead to a whole host of other problems like kidnapping, illegal experimentation, and weirdest of all, psychic abilities? Through it, all is Liam, a written-off experiment, and their overwhelming connection.

Liam: Nothing is ever simple when it comes to Liam and the entity that lives inside him. All he knows is the entity is pushing for him to get to know Melanie. Their connection is undeniable, and it’s of interest to the ones who created him in a lab, as well. Liam’s one of the few of their experiments that worked, and the only one to form a bond outside of their scientific creations.

Warning: This book references memories of childhood abuse that may be triggers for some readers.

Hello everyone, I’m M. A. Freeman and am excited to share Biological Instinct (Aleka Chronicles Book 1) published through Changeling Press.  So a fun tidbit about this book, I wrote it in 2018 during my first ever NaNoWriMo. If anyone’s ever done NaNoWriMo, you know how daunting and frantic that can be.  But, I persevered and came to the end with the 50K manuscript you see before you.  It will be available on the Changeling Press website HERE on January 15, 2021, as well as on the various other platforms that carry digital content on January 22, 2021. Preorders are now live.


M. A. Freeman

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