The covers for the books were designed by Patty Foltz, cover artist for Vintage Romance Publishing. We talked a lot about the book, and tried several other options. The basic elements of the book are on the cover – the castle, the handsome Laird, the American Tourist who stumbles into the midst of their game. I’m sure Patty still cringes when my name is mentioned, as I can be rather demanding when it comes to the cover. We designed a theme that will be carried through the series.

I also have a wonderful Editor, Dawn Carrington, who took a great book and made it even better! We cut the length down, and focused the story. Working with the Vintage staff has been a truly wonderful experience. I had all the right elements in place for a spectacular launch. My Publicist has been working overtime in getting my book out to the stores.

Laird of the Game is a lighthearted romance. It was a book that I wanted to have a lot of fun with and really enjoyed the premise. It’s contemporary with an historical twist.

On the Winds of Love (historical) is far more serious, and was originally released in 1986 by Avon Books. The book was rewritten and then also given a new cover, again by Patricia Foltz who designed a concept that will follow the series.


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