Thanks Claudine for the compliment! I only wish I’d created that cover. Scott from Samhain Publishing just took my idea from a scene in the book and ran with it. I gave him the basic idea, but he brought it to life. I was pleased with it, too. Though I have to admit it’s different from most of the romance titles out there. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. What’s everyone’s take on that? Do we need pecs and boobs? LOL! I know book covers run from sweet to super sexy! I personally like covers that DON’T give you a full-shot of the hero and heroine. I like to dream up my characters through my reading the book. Everyone pictures them differently. So, my take is to try and keep it neutral so the reader can daydream up any character he or she writes! Yes, I said “HE” because I do have male fans. That, shocked me! How about all of you?

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