How can a woman choose between her two sexy husbands? One she remembers, one she doesn’t, but she loves them both.

Double Time by M.D. Stewart

Dave Amsted is a calm, cool and collected Air Force helicopter pilot, assigned to study strange time anomalies that have suddenly appeared. He and his crew fly over a large rip that stayed open longer than ever recorded. Upon returning to base, he has a seizure during his required medical exam, after talking about Sadie, his wife, but he’s never married. He only remembers that he loves this unknown woman more than life itself. He’s frantic to find her, but when he does, she’s happily married to another man. How can he explain his obsession with a stranger? How can he know so much about their life together, when they’ve never met?

Sadie Michaels loves her husband of ten years but is suddenly having dreams of the man she was supposed to meet at a friend’s party, but she bailed at the last minute. Her dreams of him feel so real, but she only knows he’s a friend of a friend. Is she willing to find him to see what’s going on? She’d never hurt her husband, but she can’t stand the thought of her dream lover hurting and alone. What’s happening, and why is it happening now?

Marc Kennsington is the owner of KenSpec Labs, a government contractor who funds the study of tears occurring in time. Recently, a sustained rip has caused the military and his scientists to lose their minds in fear and speculation, only he can’t concentrate on that. He’s suddenly having realistic dreams of a strange man who wants to take his wife, Sadie, from him. While visiting a friend, he sees a picture of the unknown man and realizes he really exists, and he’s in danger of losing the one woman who gives his life meaning. He knows he’ll fight like hell to keep her, but what if she wants to go?

Along the way, the three people find out they need each other and discover that three isn’t always a crowd. Sometimes, life makes a mistake and time has to fix it.

I started writing this book decades ago. I had it saved in a file and forgot all about it. I loved the story but when I first started it, I couldn’t figure out how my characters were going to discover two timelines. It confused me and I thought if I couldn’t explain it, then how could my readers understand. I pushed it aside and moved on. After I published the Psy-Bond series, I read through this partial story again and it hit me…the Beings! They live in pods that aren’t affected by time, and they are much more advanced. So, even though they make a very brief appearance in this book, they are only there to explain about the timelines and the hole that opened between them. This book ended up being in that Universe, but I tried to make it separate too. Oh, and Gary in this book was written first, and the Gary in Aoki’s book was written after I forgot all about this one. So it was kismet that he crossed over. The name and the description were the same, so why not? Kismet I tell ya! PS, I think this is my best book.

Have you ever seen a movie star and just, they just flipped a switch for you? I know people become stalkers of others, and that’s weird and dangerous, but what if that movie star was having dreams about a regular person and they became obsessed with finding them? 

My Forever Love by M.D. Stewart

Lisbeth Mohr is a highly trained and talented computer analyst for KenSpec Labs. They paid for her advanced education and trained her on their expensive equipment and in exchange, she agreed to work with them for four years. Her contracted time is nearly up, and she’s spent three years training and bonding with her helicopter crewmates. After a scary shift where they investigate a time rip, she begins to have torturous dreams of leaving a man behind in Germany, a place she planned to visit after college graduation, she stays home instead. Her first day back to work from a two-week recovery period, she has a traumatic nightmare. Deb, her roommate comes to comfort her and discovers a tattoo on Lisbeth’s shoulder and begs her to tell her boss, Dave Amsted. Together with Dave’s boss Marc Kennsington, they plot a way to get Lisbeth and German actor, Steig Warner in the same room. If they meet, how will they convince him that she isn’t some crazed superfan stalking him?

Steig Warner is an Academy Award-winning German actor and director, but he’s plagued by dreams of a woman he’s never met. She completes him, gives him hope, and he doesn’t know who she is. His best friend and bodyguard, Jonas thinks he’s crazy at first but soon notices his friend suffering from the absence of this mystery woman. He vows to help Steig track down the American, but after they travel to Las Vegas to promote Steig’s directorial debut science fiction movie. If they meet, how will he convince her that she belongs with him?

But something evil crossed over the time rip, and it’s set on destroying Lisbeth and her crew.

Bonus Story: Jonas Kirkhart grew up at Steig Warner’s side, fighting back to back after the German Reunification and staying friends after Jonas confesses that he’s gay. He’s given up on finding love. In a judgmental society, he thinks being alone is a better option until he sees Being MedTech Aaron. The gorgeous alien tugs on his heart, and stirs his libido.

Aaron was okay with being sent back to his homeworld to find a female and produce offspring until he sees the human male Jonas. He knows Jonas is his true mate, but being with him goes against direct orders to procreate with a Being female. No Being male has ever mated another male, and he knows his government will never allow him to stay with Jonas. How can they be together and still fulfill the edict from the Beings. This story develops from a m/m love story to a m/m/f romance.

Trivia facts about My Forever Love. Lisbeth Mohr is the name of an ancestor of mine! I found her name on a Geneology site and fell in love with it. And yes, she’s German! Stieg Warner was inspired by Max Reimelt from Sense8 and Jonas’s last name, Kirkhart is my grandmother’s maiden name. As you can tell, I have a strong German connection and I’d love to travel there one day.


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