Sarah Madison enjoys writing long stories with lots of plot, and that have a lot angst, drama and action, as well as, happy endings. Her favorite genres are mysteries, science fiction and fantasy both to write and read.

I LOVED Crying for the Moon! Ms. Madison creates a paranormal world unlike any other. Coffins are receptacles that are genetically attached to particular vampire families, new types of shifters are introduced, and the age old war between vampires, and werewolves is put on hold while friendships are created. Oh, and love is the common denominator, both the love of friends and the love of lovers. The relationships are strong and bold; they stand out and loved ones stand up for each other no matter the cost. Forgiveness is a big part of this story as well, and helps to drive storyline. This is truly a treasure of a book that I know I will be reading over and over again. If you are looking for a book that will tug at your heartstrings, as well as, grab you by the throat, then pick up your copy of Crying for the Moon today!


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