Maureen lives with her husband in southern California, their children are grown and on their own. They love to travel, and especially enjoy Ireland and Scotland. She has been writing for years, and does so under many names and in many genres.

Maureen Child is a best selling author and has published nearly one hundred books. She enjoys spending her time with her husband and grown children, and loves to travel. Her writing genres are as varied as her pseudonyms. From historical romances to the paranormal, she loves them all.Okay, take a deep breath, maybe do some side stretches, and get ready to laugh your *** off! Maggie is one of the most hilarious, and I am certain we can ADD-challenged, women I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. She never shuts up, does not give an inch, and will keep Culhane on his toes for all eternity. He does not stand a chance, and I cannot wait to see how she continues to drive him crazy in Ms. Child’s next book, “Beguiled.”

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