After I have the house to myself, I get another cup of coffee and retreat to my library. It’s called the library because the walls are lined with book shelves. We never to get rid of books, we share them but we make sure the books make it back to our private library. 

On dog sleeps on the floor next to the futon, the cat and the other dog are asleep on the futon which gives me just enough room to sit with my laptop and begin to work on the next story, Wild Justice.

In order to keep writing I have to be a stickler for getting in my writing time or I will use that time for all the other things that beg for my time like household chores. I prefer writing in the morning but if that doesn’t work out I spend an hour writing after dinner and dishes. The morning is the best time for creative work for me,  before the hassle of everyday problems wear me out and sap my creative juices.

Writing is like an addiction for me. I have to write. I have to continue on even if no one reads my writing. I am not sure there is a cure for me.  I am not sure if it is a blessing or a curse.

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