If you've heard anything about Australia you know it's hot but this summer a group of Aussie authors decided to take the temp up a notch. The Hot Down Under series of short stories that will be available through Momentum Books are set to turn this summer into a heatwave so you better get out those cool drinks and crank up the AC.

Shut Up And Kiss Me is my contribution to the series and it's about two long-time friends who finally cross the line and become lovers. Here's the blurb:-


The city of Sydney isn’t the only thing heating up this summer.


Jacqueline Mowbray has spent months fantasizing about her friend Reese and never once did she consider he may be suffering the same unrelenting attraction. But Jac is about to find out what Reese wants Reese gets.


Reese Barnes has kept a lid on his simmering desire for Jac for years but what’s a man to do when faced with a hot, wet woman wearing only a towel? Take what he wants of course.


As the city around them melts under a summer heat wave these two friends will discover the sizzling temperatures aren’t the only thing boiling over.


Warning: This story contains more than rising temperatures and the author advises the reader to have a cold drink or suitable partner to help combat the heat.

Shut Up And Kiss Me is available December 1st but you can pre-order it now on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Shut-Up-Kiss-Me-ebook/dp/B009DZFYL8/ref=la_B003KTYCFW_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1348188954&sr=1-14

So how about a sneak-peek and a contest?

The contest is simple – head on over to my website http://rhiancahill.com/  spot my latest release and email the title to me – rhian @ rhiancahill.com – using Coffee Time Romance Contest in the subject line for your chance to win your pick of one ebook from my back list. Easy-peasy. 🙂 Alright, now for the sneaky-peek at Shut Up And Kiss Me. But ssshhhh…..don't tell my editor. 🙂





Reece’s temperature shot up ten degrees. The woman in front of him set him on simmer every day but wrapped in a towel, damp from a recent shower, she set him to boil in an instant. He swallowed around the lump in his throat and tried to remember why he was knocking on Jac’s door. Something about cooling off… His eyes lowered, his gaze taking in every exposed inch of her. From her curly blonde hair to her red painted toenails. Her legs were smooth and tanned, long and sleek, and an image of them wrapped around his hips flashed across his mind. A drum beat in his ears, a matching one took up in his balls, and his cock hardened, tenting the front of his shorts. Damn. This couldn’t end well.

“Hey, Reece. What’s up?” Did she sound breathless?

He brought his gaze up to meet hers, the bright blue of her eyes sparkled and he found himself thinking of swimming pools which made him think of skinny dipping. His cock throbbed harder, but he refused to answer the urge to readjust to find relief. The longer he stood there speechless the longer his unruly lust grabbed hold.

“Reece?” One of Jac’s finely sculpted brows rose.

“Fuck, woman, are you trying to fry my brain?”

“Huh?” Her smile disappeared.

“You can’t answer the door dressed like that and not find yourself slammed against the wall with my cock buried in your hot pussy.” He took a step towards her. She gasped and took a step back. “You’ve had me grinding my teeth and taking cold showers for years, Jac. No more.”

Control snapped. Like a gunshot, it cracked through him taking every ounce of civility he possessed. Reece barged in and grabbed her shoulders. He kicked the door closed and spun them around so he could shove her against it. His mouth landed on hers with raw hunger. No finesse, just pure unadulterated desire. She whimpered and for a split second his mind engaged and he thought to pull away. But then she softened—melted like the city had in the merciless heat wave. Her lips parted and he thrust his tongue inside.

She remained passive, let him touch and taste what he wanted. Reece took advantage, brushed his tongue against hers, licked at her teeth and finally eased off to nip at her plump bottom lip. He ate at the fleshy curve, sucked and bit from one corner to the other. Jac moaned and he dove back into the dark recess of her mouth. Blood pumped through his veins, pounded in his ears—his groin. With each stroke his arousal soared higher until it wasn’t enough to just have her mouth.

He tore his lips from hers, gasped for air and said, “Tell me no.”

“What?” Her chest heaved with each ragged breath she took and her towel had come untucked, the only thing holding it in place was his body pressed to hers. “I don’t want to say no.”


Wow, did the room just get a little warmer? 😉 Don't forget about the contest, I'll leave it open for 24hrs to give everyone a chance to enter, and please, leave a comment and tell me what you think of Reece and Jac.

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