Madeline Hunter’s been writing for more than a decade, gifting the world with more than twenty historical romances.  Over one million books have been put to print for this Pennsylvania resident.  Mother of two and wife, she also manages to find the time to teach at the college level, having earned a Ph.D. in Art History.  Her latest story, Dangerous in Diamonds, is a work of art itself.

Rules are made to be broken and breaking them in a society that has high expectations of you following them makes that snap of disobedience all the more sweet. In this tender and fun historical romance the two main characters are so well developed that I despaired letting go of them. Passion play behind closed doors with the rustle of a petticoat as it slides up a thigh is vividly portrayed in this novel, making this author one who I will look for again. That she managed to make it fun at the same time… Breathtaking.

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