Cover for Dangerous MindsDANGEROUS MINDS by Dee Ann Palmer

In this 15,000 word short book, join runners on the Los Angeles Marathon in Marathon Madness and discover what Suevee found on the streets of L. A. in this first short story.

In the next short, Compulsion, observe an Intensive Care Unit R. N. you’d never want to meet.

Then read my bio, learn what today’s science offers as to why people kill, and finish off with a sweet excerpt of Where Eagles Cry, my romantic suspense set in 1834 when Mexico still ruled California.

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I’ve run the Los Angeles marathon five times, and although the route periodically changes, I chose for my story one of the routes I’ve competed on. I hasten to add that I’ve never seen what my character Suevee did in the story.  Compulsion is set in the San Francisco hospital where I earned a bachelor of nursing degree. However, that floor didn’t have an intensive care unit when I was there.

WHERE EAGLES CRY – eNovel  $3.99    DANGEROUS MINDS – $.99 are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords

Dee Ann Palmer is a an award-winning author and a member of RWA-PAN and Sisters in Crime.



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