If you weren't a writer what would you be doing?
I would be a cowboy, cowgirl, rancher. I love the outdoors. I don't like big
towns. My favorite towns I have lived in have all been under 1000 people. I
have had many jobs in the past, most have been in male dominated fields. I
was a cop for about 7 yrs, I worked as a cook for about 10 yrs, I even did
drywall hanging in my younger days, too old now. I had a locksmith shop in
Denver for a couple years. 
I would say my favorite job is being a homemaker, that is where  I love to
be, my home is my refuge, I love to cook and refinish furniture, I do some
artwork so my home is a reflection of me. It is a peaceful place to be, but
is high maintenance. 
Tell us about your 2 rescued dogs. 
Cocoa is about 7, she was about 2 months when we got her from the dog pound.
She was afraid of men and belts. She is perfectly happy and afraid of
nothing at our house. She is an American Indian Dog, which means she is a
descendant of the coyote. She is always trying to talk to us in a kind of
howl she does. They call the American Indian Dog the song dog for this
Echo is also from the dog pound, she is a boxer. She was about 1 when we got
here, I picked her because she was the best dog in the dog pound. She is
very even tempered and loves to be held. She crawls in your lap when you sit
down and it isn't long before she falls asleep. We also have two cats, one
was either lost or abandon. She was sitting in the middle of the road by our
house, we called her over and fed her now she lives here. She spent the
first month hiding in the garage, but she is well adjusted now. 
The other cat is the old lady of the bunch, she is about 11. She was a
referral cat living under an office building. A friend of mine trapped her
and all her siblings and found homes for them. She was about 2 months old
when he got her. It took about a month to tame here. I wouldn't recommend to
most people. It takes a lot of work to tame a wild cat.  


Do you have any writers quirks? Lucky troll dolls, songs that help,
movies, ect?
I will think about the upcoming part I am about to write and let it ferment.
Kind of like meditating. A lot of times the scene will bleed over into my
dreams and I have to get up and write it down before it is lost. 
During baseball season I will have a baseball game on will I write and have
the sound off and watch it between sentences.
But when I am really on roll, I'll close the door and don't want to be
bothered until I get it down on paper.  



Favorite movie, T.V. Show?
I love old comic standards: I Love Lucy, Green Acres, Abbot and Costello,
Burns and Allen. I watch a lot of baseball too.

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