Is there truly a way to deal with stress?  I mean, I’ve seen the programs on TV about meditation, yoga, praying, all things I’ve tried and perhaps had some results with.  However, what are you supposed to do when someone cuts you off in the parking lot….and smiles at you with a ‘ha ha you’re too late’.  Or the lady at the checkout ahead of you who has ten things without a price on them and you have to wait for the cashier to call down to every department to get said prices?  I mean, does no one CHECK the items before they take them to the counter anymore?  What is this world coming to?

Have you ever found yourself taking a deep breath, but it feels like fire?  Or when you count to ten and it feels more like 100??  What are you supposed to do then?  Perhaps I need to do something more before I leave home.  But it seems like this world is so stressed without me that to have me add to it wouldn’t matter.  Does this make sense?  What are we doing as a whole to correct this?  And the kids these days!!!  My goodness, if I could carry a bar of soap with me, I would.  I think certain words become their vocabulary and it sounds awful.  Old school?  Maybe.  But there’s something about a beautiful young woman with her hair all nice, fresh skin, great clothes – and then she opens her mouth and suddenly she is no better than trailer trash with dirty clothes, dirty nails, and no teeth. 

What do you do for stress?  I mean, don’t get me started on the money aspect of life.  I think we should change the name from money to stress coin.  Yeah – you get some, but it doesn’t relieve the stress – it just stresses you to think of where to put/spend it.  There are so many people with their hands out that you don’t know which one to slap first.  I mean – pay.  Yeah, that’s what I mean.

So think long and hard next time something bothers you.  Is it worth getting uptight over?  Could there be worse things? Of course!!  Just think – if you have the ability to complain about work – be thankful you have a job.  If you’re complaining about not having enough money – remember you have some; if you can’t find a parking spot, walk from farther away and be thankful you don’t need the handicapped parking.

Will I follow my own advice?  I’m pretty darned smart so I’ll sure try.  Have a good one and stay cool.  This heat makes me crazy!

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