When I used to pick up a Nora Roberts book, it was always  a little bit of mystery and a ton of romance with just enoughof a hint of sex to keep me interested.  But then came…Eve Dallas, a kick butt cop from the future who we all love. The J.D. Robb series came out hard, heavy, and full of dark material and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb http://www.noraroberts.com/jdrobb/ brought a new dimension to her writing, suddenly the mystery was bigger, the romance was steamier, and the sex was raw and powerful. Who wouldn’t want Eve Dallas and her gorgeous hubby Roarke, who is sometimes beyond the laws, backing you up? My favorite characteristic of Eve’s is, either everyone wants to sleep with Eve or they want to kill her. But in the end, she always gets her bad guy. She is one tough chick who can take a man twice her size down in a heartbeat, but if a short and petite woman in pink cons her into some “girly party” she is freaking out! I love this series and I promise you, if you have not read it yet you will definitely want to!

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