I'm so excited to be here today chatting with you all for the March Book Brew. Thank you CTR for having me! And as a special thank you to readers, I'm giving away a free copy of my book, Sly's Surrender (see end of the post for details).

Fitting in with March's Book Brew theme, Sex in the City, I'm here today to talk about Urban Love and my debut book, Sly's Surrender. Most ladies know that dating in the modern era can be difficult, often even more so for ambitious, goal driven, career women. Years dedicated to carving out a name for yourself in occupations where femininity is seen as a weakness, and sexuality is seen as just another tool to get ahead, can leave little patience for the nuances of the traditional hookup. "Love" is too often found at the bottom of the second sour apple martini and as memorable as a third grade math lesson.

There's nothing wrong with picking up cute guys at the bar or one night stands, and some women can handle the endless string of new lovers so long as their needs are satisfied. But, there are deeper needs that must be fulfilled in others. Sly, the main character in Sly's Surrender, is a restauranteur with a deep passion for success and control. In a world where she's has to fight for every ounce of respect and accomplishment while maintaining a certain feminine poise, when Sly wants her desires met she wants it done her way without fail. There's nothing that she values more than closing the bedroom door and knowing that she has absolute command. This is not something she can gain with a new lover every time.

Jake is a man caught up in Sly's world. Her drive, her passion for her restaurant and her enthusiasm ensnared him. He wasn't surprised when her knack for dominating the workplace carried over to their bedroom activities. Jake was happy to allow his stone-cold fox of a girlfriend show him who's boss. But one night, when she confessed to him that she needed something new, he was completely shocked. Eager to please, he knows exactly what he must do to satisfy his lover.

To me, the story of Sly is one that all too many urban women face. We all try so hard to show everyone just what a woman can do that we neglect to just let go and enjoy being at the hands of another.



Jake had been waiting on his barstool for an hour already and had started to lose patience with his date. Oh, he knew she'd come eventually; she always did. But even knowing Sly's usual M.O.—that of consistently arriving late—Jake never failed to show up on time, because the one time he decided to be late would be the one time she'd be on time. He sighed and checked his watch again. How much longer would he have to wait?
He called Tony over with a hasty jerk of his hand. The bartender rolled his eyes and shook his head. In his mid fifties, Tony had gray hair—what was left of it—and he wore a white dress shirt under a black vest. The only thing missing from his outfit was the black armband reminiscent of the style at the turn of the twentieth century. Sly told him once that Tony had been tending bar there for thirty years, which could explain his gruff attitude. Jake never had any problems with the old man but thought he had a funny way of treating paying customers. After a minute or two, Tony begrudgingly set a fresh glass of soda on a clean little napkin and sternly eyed Jake.
“Hope she's worth it, boy,” he said with a grunt and a little too much emphasis on boy, as far as Jake was concerned.
Jake watched the back of the bartender's shiny head as he turned to tend to a couple patrons who ordered more than a Coke, giving obvious preference to his more lucrative patrons.
Jake sighed again and glanced at the door. Still no Sly. Yeah, she was worth it, but that didn't mean he had to enjoy complying with all her demands—such as abstaining from drinking alcohol. He had to admit she had sound reasoning behind her command; how could she be in control if he was drunk? But her insistence he wait for her late ass all the time drove him crazy.
The more Jake thought about her controlling nature, the more agitated he grew. Why the hell did he subject himself to this . . . this . . . her dominant nature? It's not right that she makes me jump through all of these ridiculous hoops, he thought as he glanced at
Tony, who, simultaneously, gave him another disgusted look and shook his head. Jake's blood boiled. That's it, Jake thought, I'm not going to take this anymore.
“Hey, sexy.” Sly's smooth voice purred behind Jake, and her fingertip caressed from his chin to his jaw in one long motion, ending up just behind his ear. Shivers ant-marched down Jake's body. In that instant, Jake knew. This is why. All the anger, indignation, and embarrassment fled his mind as she wrapped an arm over his shoulder, allowing her hand to dangle down against his chest. As her hot breath caressed his neck, her honeyed voice flooded his mind. “I hope you haven't been waiting too long.”


For a chance to win a free copy of Sly's Surrender, tell me about your craziest dating experience.

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