22071582.jpg    Now you’re talking my language! Deep dark and the more fattening chocolatey the better.  I read that excerpt to the ‘Brownie Book’ of course.  Man, you’re diabolical to use innocent treats that way. It almost makes me never want to eat them again.  However, I calmed my unsettled nerves by making a pan of brownies and now all is right with my world again.  I’m pro-chocolate if you couldn’t tell.

You said something about submitting and then waiting.   I know that some readers wonder why it’s a wait between books, not understanding that you have to wait for a yes before the publising starts.  

Do you keep writing on the ‘series’ while waiting or move onto something else? 

What do you do to celebrate when (think positive!) they say yes?

What did you do when you got that very first email or call that said, Dear Ms Wilson, we’d like to offer you a contract for … ?  Were you stunned, happy, ? 

How long have you been writing? And did you always want to write romance or did you start writing another genre?  If you didn’t write romance what genre would you write?

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