I’m about as cynical and rational as a businessgal can get.  I also fell in love at first sight.  Fifteen years ago.  With the now-hubby, my one and hopefully only love.  How did that happen?  Beats me.  It simply did.  You can question some things but that doesn’t mean you’ll get any satisfactory answers.

Romance authors sometimes get flack for the love at first sight phenom.  I understand.  Sixteen years ago, I was one of the people making a fuss.  I didn’t believe in it.  It was a fairy tale.  A Disney manufactured experience. 

Then a certain alpha male walked in the room, with his king-of-the-world swagger and downright arrogant expression, and boom, I was a believer.  Sure, it took him five more years to convince me to marry him (my heart was willing, my head said ‘whoa Nelly’) but I was his before we even talked (i.e. before I cut him down to a more manageable size).  He tells me it was the same for him.  We simply fit.

However, it wasn’t only the physical attraction making our relationship work.  Certain things about him impressed me.  He, despite working three jobs, drove an older car in good repair.  What did this mean?  He kept things.  Good for me as I’m now an older gal in not that great repair (grinning).  He had friends since grade school.  He had a double major and a minor in three very different fields (sign of a curious mind).  He was close to his family.  Even his enemies (and every alpha male has them) didn’t have terrible things to say about him. 

And that’s what I try to give to my heroes and heroines.  I find them instant attraction but to significant others they can grow with.  I hope that readers will finish my novels and think ‘those two crazy kids are going to make it.’

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