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Nicholas woke and stretched luxuriously. He had not felt this relaxed for a long time. He smiled at the memory of the previous night. Miranda had been quite the compliant serving wench, catering to his every want. She had left his bed, no doubt to preserve propriety, he thought. He knew she had a room at the inn, and he planned to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with her, and then ride out to continue his tasks. Perhaps she would join him for awhile. Nicholas normally travelled alone, and considered that a blessing. He did not much care for company on the road, particularly not a woman’s.

There was, however, something about Miranda that interested him greatly. It was not only her sparkling eyes, which turned deep green when she was aroused, or her firm, luscious body that fit so well with his.  No, there was something else that drew his attention and made him want to spend more time with her. But not too much time, of course. Nicholas knew that women quickly became possessive and clingy if given too much attention, and the combination of his royal background and good looks made him a target for every ambitious woman in the land.  He was very careful how he bestowed his affections. 

           After he had washed and gathered his belongings, Nicholas reached for his coin purse. It felt lighter than it should. He looked inside and discovered that half of the coins were missing!  Was there a thief at the inn?  No, he knew it had been intact when he’d come to his room last night.  Miranda had robbed him! 

           She was, of course, gone. Nicholas brooded while he ate his breakfast. Miranda had certainly not seemed like a common thief. She was clean, her clothing was well made if a bit odd for this region, and she had a glorious smile with perfectly white teeth; she seemed to be well bred. Nicholas had met many thieves in his life, and she didn’t fit the pattern. He reflected that it was odd that she had not taken all of his coins.  Well, from the little she had said and information he got from the innkeeper, he had an idea of where she was going. A slight detour from his route would take him there. The thought of seeing her again brought an unexpected smile to his lips, and he left the inn in better humour.

           As he prepared to ride out, he noticed a piece of parchment tied to his horse.  Written in a flowing feminine handwriting was a note.


Dear Nicholas, My apologies for borrowing a few coins from you without first asking. I find myself a bit short of funds at this time, and was not sure you would see fit to give me a loan, as we hardly know each other. I will pay you back one day when our paths cross again. 


It was signed ‘Miranda’.  Nicholas smiled again.  Yes, my lady, he thought, our paths will indeed cross again, and sooner than you might think.




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