I’ve had those times in my life where I think of someone I haven’t spoken with in a long time and the person calls out of the blue. I don’t know how many times I start a conversation with, “I was just thinking about you.” I don’t know if that’s foresight or just coincidence. I like to think I somehow knew they were going to contact me. 

Like you mentioned, Bonnie, I’ve also had times where I feel a sense of unease. Like there’s an ill wind blowing – y’know? Then ended up receiving unexpected bad news. So, I guess, I could say yes, I think I may have inherited a bit of what my mother has. 

When I mentioned to my mother what I was blogging about, she reminded me of something interesting. It seems there’s a family link. Well, at least I have a late cousin on my mother’s side who worked as a professional psychic. I had never met her but do remember hearing about it when I was growing up. 

Elizabeth from The Passenger inherited the gift from her mother. But where her mother receives messages in the form of emotions, Elizabeth experiences something much more in your face. Now if I had to deal with anything like she does… well, that takes a strong constitution. Could you imagine the dead appearing to you as if still alive? In the condition they were in at the time of death? 

I’d say “no, thank you” as Elizabeth once did. As a child, the visits in the night frightened her to the point that she begged her mother to help her block them out. There’s an excerpt on my website that never made it into the final draft of the story. I won’t post it here but invite readers to visit my “Bookshelf” to find out what prompted Elizabeth to open up to the ghosts again. Here’s a direct link:  http://www.joielesin.com/passenger2.html 

I’ll be back a little later to post the excerpt I promised earlier – you’ll find out how Elizabeth and Paolo’s friendship began. 


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