Loretta Chase is a New England native who majored in English at Clark University.  She says that no one paid her to write until she graduated and her stint as a corporate video writer led to her meeting the future Mr. Chase.  Thank goodness for all of us readers that she actually used her degree to write the great historical romances that I can’t get enough of.  She has a way of adding humor and unique situations to her books that make them stand out every time.  She has won many awards including the RITA and says that writing is almost as good a job as being an English Major. 

I just loved this book. As usual, Ms. Chase has put her own original spin on the Regency Era Historical Romance. The heroine has spent the last twelve years in a harem. This has changed her in many ways, but she is still the strong-willed Original that Lucien remembers. Lucien’s care-for-nothing ways in a large part originated in her disappearance, so the love story is inevitable and so enjoyable to read. The senior servants’ animosity, theft, and attempted revenge makes a pretty exciting subplot to the story. The author tells a story with humor, romance and suspense making it impossible to put down until the last page. I just could not get enough of the two main characters.

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