Jacquie Rogers has learned much growing up. One important value she learned from her parents was honesty. She grew up learning how to milk cows, break ice on the calves’ water troughs and always check the bottom of her shoes before entering the house. Jacquie has not forgotten the harsh Idaho winters, or how the soulful calf eyes would look at her with fondness. When she is busy at her desk, the only soulful eyes trying to get her attention nowadays is when her husband continues asking when is dinner. So, how did she start writing? She got sick. So sick that she lay in bed for two months with pneumonia, unable to do anything but read. With bookcases overflowing, with stacks of books, she read them all until there was nothing left to read. From there a spark ignited, inspiration sprung, and ideas for stories popped into her head.

I enjoyed the way Socrates narrates Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues. Socrates lends great humor to the tale. The dialogue and antics are fantastic. I love the sparkling characters and the chemistry they emit to each other. Jacquie Rogers takes Socrates and Guinevere, the skunk, along with some other frisky animals, and sets in motion one awesome read. The games alone are interesting and entertaining. With some laugh out loud antics, the secondary characters put an extra spin on the story, making the couple really shine in this extraordinary tale with splendid characterizations allowing this reader to feel great inside. 

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