When companies talk about having to tighten their fiscal belts why are the ‘little people’ always the first to go?  Why don’t they cut the fat at the top of the corporation ladder that I know for a fact isn’t doing anything but floating around sucking up the good air.

No the first ones to go are almost always the small guy.  Housekeepers, cooks, secretaries, etc.  What will the bigwigs do without someone to clean up after all their dirty little jobs, hmm?  I’ll tell you, they’ll  kick and scream about it.  Too late, those people have more than likely gone onto find higher paying jobs with better benefits.   So long air sucker!

However, there’s an alarming trend in society today to think of workers in low skilled positions as dispensible. It’s gotten to the point so that the workers think of these jobs as disposable too. 

Money is important, I’ll grant you that.  We buy wonderful things with it; food, shelter, air conditioning.  However I don’t agree to sacrificing many jobs in the hopes of saving an all mighty dollar while giving themselves yearly raises so they can drive to the country club in style every week.  That just tee’s me off.


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